Chiropractic testimonials:

A friend of mine from our power lifting gym recommended me here after an AC joint injury. I never really had any doubt about seeing a Chiropractor because I’ve seen a Chiropractor previously, and I prefer to use natural approaches to health. My first impression of Dr. Max was that he is very intelligent and he sees you as more than just a patient. He focuses on your care as a whole person, and figures out the problems you are having. I used to get heart burn, without the burn, just a heaviness in my stomach when I would lay down after eating. Dr. Max explained to me that I had a hiatal hernia, and he adjusted it. I haven’t had those digestion issues since then. Once I started implementing the recommendations he has given me as far as mobility exercises and muscle shearing, I’ve seen an improvement in my powerlifting. I am constantly recommending people to go to the Chiropractor, where at the gym or when I was working at GNC. I’ve even sent my step-mom, step-brother, and sister in for care and there are multiple patients that come here just from me recommending them.

“Honestly if you’re skeptical, just come in and talk to Dr. Max, he will change your mind.”

– M. R.

After our session on Wednesday, I went for a small 1 mile run. For the run, I didn’t cramp up or come close to cramping, but even more-so, I cut 1.5 minutes off of my mile time. The results were in the times, so I wanted to let you know that our session did have a great affect. It’s too bad we couldn’t meet again before Tough Mudder, but I will be sure to let you know how it goes! Thank you for putting up with my crying during our sessions! …. I think that with our sessions, the new diet plan, and helping me understand my body composition has helped me tremendously.

– T.W.P

Neuropathy treatment testimonials:

“I HIGHLY recommend people try it!!!! I have neuropathy and I started treatment with Dr Max about 10 weeks ago. I NO LONGER TAKE Gabapentin or any other prescribed pain med….and my pain level dropped from a 9-10 to a 1-2 level.”

– Michelle V.