Fad diets come and go but the Blueprint to Weight Loss program at Maximum Health Center continues to work for our patients every day. Our program combines healthy eating, personalized nutrition, and the ultimate body slimming technology called Contour Light to effortlessly melt fat and shed pounds. We also factor in whole body vibration therapy, infrared sauna and the latest in 3D Body Scanning technology to both track and speed up your results. Maximum Health is the weight loss solution you've been looking for.  "


Laura's Weight Loss Testimonial

After being on the program for 7 weeks Laura lost 8 lbs and 11.75 inches! The most important thing to her was how she felt overall. She always felt like she was 7 months pregnant and with the program, she lost a lot of that bloated feeling and the look and her pants were fitting better around the waist. Another major difference was that she was always on Pepcid, Nexium, some medication for gastrointestinal conditions. In fact, she had heartburn every single day. After about 1 week into the program, all of her heartburn symptoms went away. She felt better knowing what she could eat, and learned what she couldn’t eat; staying away from flour-based products and dairy especially. Now Laura feels terrific!


Tara's Weight Loss Testimonial

At the 6 week mark, Tara was down 8 lbs and over 13 inches and was feeling like she had a lot more energy. She was doing so well with her goal of getting off her prescription medications. In just 2 short weeks she was sleeping all night and was able to wean herself off of Ambien, a potent sleep aid, after taking it for over 6 years!  She started exercising again with the excess energy she had from the program. At the end of the video, she was excited to see her results at her next blood test and we are happy to report her lab report and especially Hb-A1c (blood sugar history) was perfect! A month later, after consulting with her primary care provider, Tara was able to completely stop taking her blood pressure medication as well. Wow!


Arlene's Weight Loss Testimonial

Arlene came across the Contour Light in her search for a healthy weight loss solution. She lost 12 lbs and over 9 inches in just 20 days.  She felt great and will continue pushing toward her goal!